Why Push Notifications are the Next Big Thing

pushify-admin May 18, 2016

1In the era of tech-savvy watches and mobile phones, the “front door” for any website’s information is meant to be the Push Notifications paving its way through all the market trends. Earlier the large part of traffic and information was hosted by Google. But since few years and transformation of technology this yielding of information has been transferred to notifications. But the new model of engagement is Push Notifications.

As the famous startup featuring website Tech Crunch suggests “Notifications are the Next Platform” as the commencement of various other applications and platforms has shifted the whole information table towards notifications. The model of the dominant market of the information industry is at the verge of break due to introduction of various other resources. Thus, the notification systems of applications are so fast that every information is just a click away even without opening the web browser of the app. Tech Crunch also says in its recent article “our fundamental belief is that notifications represent the future access and discovery point for mobile services” Hence, in the coming age Notifications along with various distinct features is the new way to notify each and every user that visits your website. A next generation of customer satisfaction shall be attained through these Push notifications.

Available on all the major browsers, Safari, Google and Mozilla, Push notifications provides the most time-saving and effective to directly interact with your customers. But apart from other competitors in the market Pushify’s Social page makes it a distinct product to use. From updates to recent notification, the Push notifications notifies you and asks you everything with a click.

The reach of the push notification is ten times more than the normal email newsletters. Thus, making quite effective and cost-efficient. But instead of apps, push notification is only available on browsers leading to farther reach. Browsers actually reaches to all the internet users instead of catching them through different marketing stunts. With brief and to-the- point notification the push message is specifically designed to attract users.

Push notifications are the next generation most convenient marketing tool for anybody whether it is a startup or digital marketing or a blogger or a publisher and can easily see on the spot results. On the other hand Pushify’s Social Page is the most effective way to engage audience. A page through which your users can directly interact, subscribe and follow you notifications all at one place.

Hereafter, Push Notifications have given a freedom and access to all people irrespective of anything to reach their customers easily along with feasibility.

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