Pushify revolutionized by hitting a milestone of 5million pushes in a short span from it’s advent

pushify-admin October 5, 2016

five-million“Remember to celebrate the milestones as you prepare for the road ahead”
– Nelson Mandela.


As a long journey starts with a single step, and our conviction carries us forward and forward with much enthusiasm, Pushify.com since from its inception, has been crossing different marks in its own style, beating its own previous records. We are gloriously proud to announce that the Push notifications sent through our Pushify have crossed 5 million and it is heading at a greater pace towards 10 million.

As immortal Nelson Mandela said, we should celebrate our milestones, whenever they cross our path, stop for a while and appreciate others who have helped us in achieving this, we are celebrating this milestone with full zeal and enthusiasm.

We dedicate this to our clients and our hardworking team, without whom this still seems as a distant dream. We are the first company to offer unlimited push notifications, with unlimited subscribers and unlimited websites. When every other platform is capping limitations on number of subscribers or number of websites or even number of API calls, we want to give power to our clients by keeping them free. Driven by values, we want even small businesses to thrive in this cut throat competition, hence we met the both the ends of unlimited.

Facebook 2 Push, Twitter 2 Push and Mobile Number Verified Subscribers modules are exclusively offered by Pushify and this shows that we are light years ahead of all our potential competitors. We believe these exclusive features have hit the bull eye and we crossed five million in less span of time. In this glorious occasion we would like to thank each and every client of ours and wish them good luck in their businesses. We pledge that we continuously keep the spirit up, work on new modules and thus by giving our clients maximum advantages and sending hassle free push notifications.

We wish you happy Pushifying !

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