How different is Facebook Page to Pushify’s Social Page

pushify-admin April 7, 2016
Pushify Team

Are you socially connected to your customers?? Are your customers aware about your trending updates? So, here is a solution now. Pushify now provide it’s users an exclusive Social page to give reach to your posts, notifications and updates, all at one place. A next level of Customer Business communication. Pushify provides an outstanding user convenience to make your notifications reach to your target audience.

Benefits of Pushify’s Social Page

Everytime you think of a product, you need a website to cater the audience. Now Pushify provides a social page through which you can update all the product information, updates regarding your product, et cetera. Thus, an alternative website for your users. Also, the most important feature of this social page is that through the page you can send your browser based notifications easily. Also it notify’s you about the information regarding the trending notification of all the available users. Thus, all information about your notifications is available at one place. This makes your user’s work easy and convenient to reach to your notifications at one place. However, social media pages are made with a specific reason to connect with either your friends or relatives. But this Social page connects you to your users directly. As the page supports various other social media platforms as well. Thus, it helps you get more subscribers to your notifications.

How is Facebook different

Since the dawn of technology world, Facebook has captured the whole market exponentially. It has actually brought a change to connect you with friends and family. It provides notifications related to your friends and family. Just like a closed group with a limited reach. But through Pushify’s Social page you can connect with users related to your business. As Facebook has also lost its credibility through the course of time. You often get fake profiles now and then on the platform. Thus, Facebook has now become more of an incredible site. However, you can send notifications also on Pushify’s Social Page without anyone logging in on the site. Hereafter, this provides a hindered reach to your notifications. People with queries and messages can directly connect with you through this page. Thus, creating a nexus of communication between the users and its products.

Pushify, a new level of Customer Business Communication

Social media is the most trending topic of the world which has all the eyes on it. Thus, making it the most influential and powerful medium of communication. However, Pushify’s Social Media page makes it more user-friendly and convenient. With exclusive features yielding the best result oriented dashboards, support from the team along with an unbarred reach to your customers and users. A freedom to avail your push notifications as per your convenience.

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